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Our experienced staff use a range of activities to ensure that school children are engaged and hands-on with history.

A typical tour includes the use of:

  • Replica items    
  • Armour and helmets
  • Old games                                  
  • Herbs and spices
  • Replica costumes                      
  • Table laying

Tours that your school can book include:

The Tale of Ginger the Cat – Early Years

Explore Selly Manor at a time when it was home to Phylis and her cat, Ginger. Unlock the doors to the past with a magical key as we journey through the Manor with music and storytelling. Take part in a special treasure hunt to find where the mischievous cat has hidden all of Phylis’ things.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: £3 per child 

This session supports a number of areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning and Development including, communication and language, personal, social and emotional development and understanding the world.

The Great Fire of London – Key Stage 1

A fantastic learning experience discovering the Great Fire of London and exploring what living conditions were like in the seventeenth century. The day includes:
An interactive storytelling session looking at why the fire started and how it was put out. Children will act out key characters, the crooked houses of London and the raging flames of the great fire itself.

  • Playing with old games and getting dressed up in costumes
  • A guided tour of the Manor investigating daily life in the seventeenth century. The tour really brings to life what it was like for people at that time, from timber framed houses, the delights of wattle and daub, to clothing, bathing, social conditions and food.

Duration: 10am – 2pm
Cost: £6 per child

This session supports a number of Key Stage 1 National Curriculum elements including, a history topic beyond living memory.

The Tudors – Key Stage 2

A hands-on day discovering what life was like at Selly Manor 450 years ago. A typical Tudor visit to the Manor includes a full guided tour with a member of our Education Team investigating Tudor life. The children will also have the opportunity to dress up in Tudor style costumes, play games from the Tudor era, try on replica armour and set the Tudor table.

Duration: 10am – 2pm
Cost: £6 per child

This session supports a number of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum elements including, a study of history or a site from a period beyond 1066 and a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends a pupil’s knowledge beyond 1066.

Dare to Explore – All ages

We can tailor-make visits to suit a topic that is being studied at your school or the age of the children in your class. A few of the topics that schools have recently visited us include:

  • Old homes and houses
  • Walking tours of George Cadbury’s historic garden village of Bournville
  • Inspirational visits for an art or design project.
  • Tactile tours focussing on the interactive resources in this historic setting.

Visits from specialist / learning disability schools are extremely welcome and we can adapt your visit to suit the needs of your group.

To find out what we can offer your school, please contact us.

For information on booking any of our school tours, please visit the book your trip section of our site Book your trip

Castle Bromwich Infants- Jan 2020

'Thank you to Daniel for his enthusiasm and humour. We have had a lovely day'