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We are delighted to announce the release of two film packages to support home and school learning. Presented by our knowledgeable and talented Education Team, these videos are based on our ever popular school visit sessions.

Each package includes a virtual tour and a collection of short videos on key study areas to complement your learning, as well as a worksheet. Designed to be affordable, accessible and informative we highlight some of the key aspects of Selly Manor Museum and our collection. Watch our trailer below to find out more!


We offer 2 packages focussing on the Tudors, for Key Stage 2 children, and the Great Fire of London, for Key Stage 1 children. Each package is £60 each per school and allows you access to our private You Tube channel as many times as you like between Monday 1st February and Friday 23rd July 2021.

To order a film package please complete the Booking Form (where you will also find our terms and conditions) and return it to [email protected]

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this opportunity with a member of our team, please contact us by using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page, or email [email protected]

What does each package include?

Tudor Digital Film Package 

  • A virtual tour of Selly Manor led by our team, lasting 25 minutes
  • A Tudor themed worksheet
  • A series of 9 short films lasting between 5 and 10 minutes each on:
Tudor food   Building a Tudor house
Tudor arms and armour  Poaching
Tudor costume  The priest hole
Tudor games  Rescuing Selly Manor
Tudor everyday objects  

Great Fire of London Film Package

  • A virtual tour meeting key characters who tell the story of the Great Fire of London, lasting 15 minutes
  • A Great Fire of London themed worksheet
  • A series of 6 short films lasting between 5 and 10 minutes each on:
How houses were built in the 17th Century
Why the fire spread so quickly
Bread ovens
How we know what happened in 1666
Firefighting techniques in 1666
The key characters of the Great Fire of London

Once the Covid-19 restrictions lift we also offer Outreach sessions, Digital sessions and Covid-secure visits to the museum. Please see below for further details.

We welcome thousands of school children to Selly Manor Museum each year for interactive tours and activities with our talented Education Team. Due to the Covid pandemic we are unable to provide our normal service but rest assured this will be up and running as soon as we are able to.

In the meantime we are offering a number of options for schools and their pupils to engage with our knowledgeable team and resources when government restrictions allow. So whether your group is studying The Tudors, the Great Fire of London or George Cadbury's garden village of Bournville we have something to suit you. Find out more including content, timings and costs by clicking on the links below:

Digital School Visits - connect with us digitally for a virtual tour, with loan boxes and live online sessions

Outreach School Visits - our Team come to you bringing lots of fantastic resources and knowledge from the museum

Covid Safe Visits to Selly Manor (The Tudors) - come to the museum to discover and explore when restrictions lift

Covis Safe Visits to Selly Manor (The Great Fire of London) - come to the museum to discover and explore when restrictions lift

Want to book or find out more?
Please complete the enquiry form below or give the Education Team a call on 0121 472 0199

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Castle Bromwich Infants- Jan 2020

'Thank you to Daniel for his enthusiasm and humour. We have had a lovely day'