Ruby Makes a Difference

Ruby Makes a Difference

My name is Ruby and for my work experience placement, I came to Selly Manor. It is definitely an understatement to say that I have loved every moment, even the wet and rainy ones. I strongly believe that it is an experience that I will never forget and that I have learnt new skills that I can take with me into the future.

On my first day, I was immediately welcomed by the team at Selly Manor and introduced to the way things run. During the day, I completed a range of tasks from writing an information piece about an object presented within the manor for the website, to helping clean and lock up after visitors had left. Being able to complete a range of tasks such as those, really allowed me to understand all of the important roles and jobs that are needed in order to care and protect Selly Manor. One task that I helped with was a walking tour of Bournville, which showed visitors the local treasures, and its fascinating history. Whilst also learning about the history of Bournville, I was also able to have more confidence in helping out and putting myself forward to interact with visitors.

During my second day, I was really able to get a glimpse at how many tasks there are that have to be fulfilled in order to prepare for an event. For example, due to the fact that there was going to be a theatre performance on the evening I had to make sure that the actors had a place to change and sit before and during the performance. Although moving chairs and welcoming people may not seem like a largely important role, it still highlighted the forgotten fact that it is those smaller tasks that can make a difference. That morning, Daniel Callicott, the current Heritage Manager, took me to the Bournville Village Trust library so that I could also have a role in helping to choose historic photos of Bournville for an upcoming exhibition. I was truly honoured and I am still extremely grateful for that opportunity. Throughout the day, I also had the opportunity to complete other tasks such as checking very important information about a range of objects both on display within the Manor and in storage.

On Thursday, I had a large role in welcoming a group of about 16 people and shadowing their tours both around the Manor and around Bournville. I was able to learn, and appreciate the effort, enthusiasm and determination that everyone at Selly Manor has towards their roles and to making a trip to the museum as interesting and as memorable as possible. Even serving the food and refreshment once again reminded me of the range of responsibilities at Selly Manor. Furthermore, I was also entrusted to complete a stock check of the gift shop, which brought to light another tasks that many people don’t often get to see or think about. It was definitely a new skill that I will be able to take with me throughout life.

Finally, on my last day working at Selly Manor I was able to help out with a school visit which constantly kept a smile on my face. Being able to help teach and inspire younger pupils was an incredible moment that will always be one of my favourite moments from my time spent at Selly Manor.

If anyone is considering work experience, volunteering or visiting Selly Manor, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to do so as it is a wonderful and unforgettable place that will teach you a range of important skills and facts.

Ruby Taggart, Work Experience Student