Design A Museum

Design A Museum

Hey Time Travellers! After an adventurous expedition to far-flung corners of the globe (or maybe just your local park!) you need somewhere to display your many artefacts. So how about creating you very own mini-museum? We have got quite a few ideas for you to build your museum - so which method will you use?


1. You could try a Shoebox Museum. Decorate the inside with old wrapping paper and place your precious objects inside. It is even better if you can add labels explaining why they are special to you. And don't forget to give your museum a name.


2. With a bit of extra effort you could make a Shelf Museum, and it's something that will last longer. Old printer's tray drawers make great shelves when fixed on a wall (you can buy them from ebay), and are perfect for displaying smaller objects like fossils, badges and figures.


3. How about a Lego Museum with huge columns at the front and different rooms for different types of objects? That would look really fantastic. Then you could become a tour guide and show your family around your creation.


4. Or you could try creating your own Mini Art Gallery. By making easels out of lolly sticks it will make your beautiful art works look amazing. You could learn about famous artists and create mini versions of their paintings.

We've got lots of great ideas to keep you busy this half term. Take a look at our Time Traveller Adventures event page for all the links, and we'll be posting daily updates on our Facebook page too. 

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