Big Bournville Quiz Answers

Big Bournville Quiz Answers

Are you a Bournville expert? Test your knowledge in our fun quiz! 

Q1: What was the name of Bournville's most famous architect? 

A1: William Alexander Harvey 

Q2: How much of Bournville did George Cadbury want to keep as green space? 

A2: George Cadbury wanted 1/10th of the estate to be kept as green spaces, park and recreation grounds. 

Q3: How many children did George Cadbury have? Bonus points if you can name them! 

A3: 11: George Jr, Isabel, Edward, Henry and Eleanor by Mary Tylor and Laurence John, George Norman, Elsie Dorothea, Egbert, Marion Janet and Ursula by Elizabeth Taylor. 

Q4: What were the colours of the original Cadbury's Dairy Milk wrapper? 

A4: Red & Mauve

Q5: How much did a bath cost at The Bath House, Laurel Grove? 

A5: 3d

Q6: How old is Selly Manor? 

A6: The first known record of Selly Manor is in 1476. 

Q7: The Bournville factory started production in what year? 

A7: 1879

Let us know how many you got! 

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