Heritage Talk: The Chocolate Factory Stage

Heritage Talk: The Chocolate Factory Stage
From 18 July 2024 at 7:00 PM
To 18 July 2024 at 8:30 PM
Cost £7 per person
Refreshments Served

It is well-known that Cadbury’s encouraged workers to take part in sporting activities. What is less well known is that the recreational activities at the factory also included an astonishing amount of theatre. In this talk Professor Catherine Hindson from the University of Bristol will explore outdoor performances staged on the factory’s Girls Recreation Grounds; including huge al fresco plays with casts of hundreds. Alongside these, the talk will share the histories of some of the performances that took place inside the factory walls, pantomimes, sketches, and dramas designed to entertain, educate, and strengthen the factory’s community.

Catherine Hindson is Professor of Theatre History at the University of Bristol and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Her research focuses on how theatre can help us to understand the past, and has included writings on theatre and celebrity, heritage, ghosts, and well-being. She has previously published two books, Female Performance Practices on the fin-de-siècle stages of London and Paris (2007) and London’s West End Actresses and the Origins of Celebrity Culture, 1880-1920 (2016). She is currently working on women leaders in early twentieth century industry and their connections with arts and creativity. She also really likes chocolate!

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This heritage talk takes place at 7pm on Thursday 18th July 2024, and lasts for about an hour followed by a Q+A.

Admission includes a chance to explore Selly Manor Museum so please do come early to enjoy the Tudor manor. Refreshments are also included.

Selly Manor Museum, Maple Road, Bournville, B30 2AE

Cost and Booking
£7 per person. To book please call Selly Manor Museum on 0121 472 0199.

The talk takes place in the medieval hall of Minworth Greaves which is on the grounds floor and is wheelchair accessible. You will find detailed information about accessibility on the Your visit section of our website. If you would like to know more or discuss accessibility then please call the Selly Manor Museum team on 0121 472 0199.