Make a Medusa Mask

Make a Medusa Mask

Our Time Traveller Adventures this time take us to Ancient Greece, and the myth of Medusa!

Medusa, in Greek mythology, was the most famous of the Gorgons. Gorgons were mythical women monsters with wings, and instead of hair they had live venomous snakes. It was said that those who gazed at Medusa would be turned to stone. Medusa was killed by the Greek hero Perseus when he cut off her head!

Why not make your own Medusa mask, and see if you can then turn people into stone? Here's what to do.

cropped-paper-plate-46398.png  cropped-medusa-10-53990.jpg  cropped-medusa-37909.jpg

1. You will need a paper plate (or card), green paint or pens, green pipe cleaners (or green paper) and some decorations to make a small crown. Plus a pair of scissors, pencil and glue stick.

2 Start with your paper plate. If you don't have one any card like a cereal box will do, just draw around a dinner plate and cut it out. Then draw some eyes and cut these out - you might need an adults help for this.

3. Next, paint or colour-in your paper plate green for the full Medusa effect, and leave it to dry.

4. Whilst your paint is drying, take your green pipe cleaners and roll one end into the shape of a snake's head. You can add eyes and a tongue if you have some spare pieces of card. If you don't have pipe cleaners then thick card will work well too. We recommend you make 5 snakes altogether.

5. To attach the snakes, use a hole punch to make a hole in your paper plate and then loop and twist the pipe cleaners on.

6. Now for the decorating! You need to add a mouth and nose to the face - and how about a pointy tongue sticking out? You can also make a yellow crown too which looks extra cool if you have some craft jewels to add. Finally ask an adult to attach a piece of string or wool to the back so you can wear it.

7. We would love to see your work. Ask an adult to post a picture on social media and tag us in.

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