Bournville in Lockdown

Bournville in Lockdown

When we first decided to collect Bournville Lockdown stories as part of Bournville Heritage Online, we thought we would perhaps get a few pictures and memories to share...instead we have been overwhelmed with the amount of community action and cheer that was spread in Bournville over the past few months. 

We feel lockdown has really shown the character of different places and people; for Bournville it has cemented that community really is at the heart of this place and is what makes it so special. 

We are unable to share the stories of all the community heroes in Bournville; we have heard everything from champion mask makers to litter pickers to child tutors. And we have seen photos of beautiful Bournville sunrises, rainbows in the windows and empty streets. We are happy to have this collection of such a unique period of time and we hope people will continue to contribute to this. 

Here is a collection of some of our favourite snapshots of Bournville in lockdown:

Please contribute by using the hashtag #bournvilleheritage.