A day in the life...

A day in the life...

Every day is a little bit different at Selly Manor so there is not really a typical day – but this is what I did today:

9am: Arrive at Selly Manor and say hello to everyone

9.05am: Make a cup of tea and wait for my computer to turn on

9.15am: Check my emails and our social media platforms and respond to any comments

9.40am: Start to set up for my school group and forget to finish my cup of tea

10.10am: Go to the toilet to try and make my school group arrive as they are running late (it works!)

10.15am: My school group arrives and I rush them straight in to get started – it’s Year 2 learning about the Great Fire of London. I do some storytelling, dressing up and games until lunchtime.

11.45am: I leave my school group to have their lunch and eat my sandwich outside to avoid all the noise!

12.15pm: Start rounding up my school group and make sure they have all gone to the toilet 

12.15: Return to my school group and take them on an exciting tour around Selly Manor, which involves dressing up, smelling spices, working the spit and getting out our beloved handling collection

2pm: Wave goodbye to my school group

2.15pm: Clean up after my school group, this includes sweeping the floor (grated cheese is the bane of our lives), shutting outside doors in Selly Manor, tidying up resources and checking the toilets are clean

2.30pm: Make a cup of tea

2.45pm: Get distracted scheduling social media posts so don’t finish said cup of tea

3pm: Book in a wedding venue viewing

3.10pm: Work on my children’s trail for half term which involves a lot of fiddling around on word

4pm: Have a chat to my lovely colleagues about our 2020 events programme

4.30pm: Research funding opportunities for an interpretation project in the museum

4.55pm: Tidy my desk

5pm: Home time! But not before making sure all the heaters and the kettle are switched off, using a spade to close and lock our office building and going across to Selly Manor to set our alarm.