Welcome 2020!

Welcome 2020!

The start of a new year and 2020 has been busy already here at Selly Manor…

We only shut for a week and a half over Christmas but there are already so many jobs that need to be done! So here is a quick behind the scenes blog of what really goes on in a museum at the beginning of January…

The first thing to do when we come back from our holidays is to check for any damage to the collection and for any little creatures that might have snuck into the warmth of our buildings over Christmas – luckily we didn’t find any mice this year! We have also been keeping cleaning Selly Manor and Minworth Greaves in preparation for opening up the museum this week.

Our events planning for 2020 is already well underway and we have been having chats about events as far away as Halloween and Christmas 2020 (make sure you keep an eye on our website as we have lots of exciting things planned this year!) We have also been updating our website and our social media channels – creating posts after being a bit quiet over Christmas, as well as starting to put up some of our 2020 events.

As well as all that, we have taken a mountain of costumes to the dry cleaners so they are nice and fresh, we have been applying for some funding to put on an event later in the year, we have been confirming school bookings and replying to emails and most importantly trying to work out how to use our new phones!

Phew - I think we need a break already!