Well I bet you didn't know that...

Well I bet you didn't know that...

Here at Selly Manor, we love learning new historical facts, especially when they come from our visitors! We have collected some of our favourites and we hope they might inspire you to see what other secrets the past might hold…

  1. The Romans built the first shopping centre! Built by Emperor Trajan in Rome, it had several levels and more than 150 different shops, selling everything from food and drink to clothing! It was known as Trajan’s Market.
  2. Albert Einstein was offered the position of president of Israel when the state was formed but he refused.
  3. The world’s largest living organism is a mushroom! The giant mushroom in Oregon's Malheur National Forest has a root system that covers over 2,200 acres!

  4. In 1929, researchers at Princeton University turned a living cat into a telephone! 
  5. The shortest war in history was the Anglo-Zanzibar War. It lasted only 38 minutes.
  6. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was actually never straight! The foundations began to sink as soon as they started building the second floor.

  7. Feta cheese is thought to be the oldest in the world! It has been described in several Ancient Greek sources.

  8. Before there were alarm clocks, there were ‘knockers-up’, who were hired to shoot dried peas from a blow gun at people’s windows in order to wake them up in the morning.
  9. Space travel was first proposed as early as 17th century! English theologians suggested in the 1600s that ‘flying chariots’ could take men to the moon so that we could trade with them.  

  10. Cleopatra was not Egyptian; historians think she was actually Greek!

We hope you enjoyed our historical facts and hopefully you learnt something new today!