Behinds the scenes

Behinds the scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens on a quiet Monday in January when Selly Manor is closed to the public? Our annual deep clean is what happens! Although we all have cleaning duties every week, once a year we have a proper clean of everything in the house and reach all those cobwebbed and dusty corners to make sure the collection and the house stay in a good condition.

So while most people were not even thinking about their spring cleaning yet, yesterday morning bright and early, we came to work in our messy clothes, donned gloves and gathered up our dusters to embark on the mammoth task of deep-cleaning Selly Manor and Minworth Greaves. We spent the whole day masquerading as Cinderella, cleaning the house from top to bottom until it was spotless - and doing some questionable dancing to country music along the way. Along with our lovely volunteer Megan and our work experience student Jordon, we tackled each room, giving everything in the house the love it needs to protect the collection for the future – and to stop all of us from having sneezing fits every time we come into the house!

We dusted furniture, cleaned windows, hoovered EVERYTHING, re-made the beds, tidied up our resources boxes, washed the steps, dusted the chimney, washed the handling collection and our gardeners even laid new grass seeds on our lawn! It took us the whole day and we did end up covered in dust, muck and who knows what else – but there was chocolate cake waiting for us on the other side!

Cleaning is just one of the many things you have to do while working in a small museum and in true Selly Manor style we even managed to make cleaning a little bit fun. Nevertheless, we are all happy to return to our desk for a brief breather before we welcome back another school group tomorrow!

Until next year's deep clean…