Adding to the museum collection

Adding to the museum collection

This little book fits in the palm of a hand and has a religious verse for every day of the year. It was printed by the Religious Tract Society and this particular edition was made in memory of Emma Cadbury, Richard Cadbury’s second wife.  It has been given to Selly Manor by a tenant of the Bournville Works Housing Society. It has the owner's name, Amelia Brown, written on the inside cover.

Richard and Emma Cadbury are often overshadowed by George and Elizabeth Cadbury. But they were just as influential at the factory and in Bournville and Birmingham.

Richard was key to the marketing and sales at Cadbury’s and designed many of the wonderful chocolate boxes. He loved skating, football, cricket and gardening. Richard wrote poetry and books, including ‘Cocoa-All About It’ in 1892 . Richard created a crèche in Bishopsgate Street in Birmingham in 1869. Emma Cadbury helped to look after the babies and children. In Bournville village, Richard is best known for being responsible for building The Almshouses.

Like his brother George, Richard taught thousands of men and boys to read and write at the Severn Street School in Birmingham. Emma also taught women and girls. Richard later went on to create another adult school in Highgate, Birmingham. Eventually there were so many pupils that Richard built the Moseley Institute to house all 37 classes. Emma meanwhile was busy helping at the Gospel Temperance Mission and at the Police Court.

Richard and Emma lived at Moseley Hall, which he later gave up to become a children’s convalescent home. Emma Cadbury was president of the home. Richard’s family then lived in his brand new home, Uffculme.

Richard was a member of the Egypt Exploration Society and he and Emma were on a tour of the Holy Land in 1899. Richard took ill on this tour and died in Jerusalem.

Emma, his widow, died in May 1907 onboard the Empress of India ship, during a Pacific voyage. She had visited China and Japan, and was bound for Vancouver when she died on board after having fallen down some stairs.