Dickens + Cadbury

Dickens + Cadbury

This photograph shows Joyce Cadbury, on the right, from the famous chocolate making family (and who was married to Laurence Cadbury) with Monica Dickens.

Monica Dickens was an English author, columnist, and broadcaster, and the great-granddaughter of iconic English author, Charles Dickens. Monica was a prolific writer in her own right, with over 30 titles published, and she wrote fiction for both children and adults.

Dickens and the Cadburys were likely involved through the Dickens Fellowship, an association set up to promote appreciation of Charles Dickens’ work. Monica Dickens and the Cadburys both shared values of peace, with Monica being involved in the RSPCA and the NSPCC; however, unlike the Cadburys, she was not a Quaker.

Monica Dickens lived in Hertfordshire until she married Roy O. Stratton, a US Navy Officer and emigrated to the States. She moved back to the UK after his death, and continued to write up until her passing in 1992.

This post was written by Branwen Onono, who is on placement at Selly Manor Museum from the Univeristy of Birmingham, and is cataloguing Laurence Cadbury's papers which form the Sir Adrian Cadbury Archive.